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YogaToes® - The Natural Path for Foot Health

"The ultimate dance, the dance of life, is performed best and longest on healthy, happy feet." Frederic Ferri, Founder of YogaToes®

Your Feet Need Proper Exercise - same as the rest of you!

YogaToes® are designed to revolutionize the way you care for your feet. To stay strong and avoid injury, feet need regular exercise.

Your Feet Need YogaToes®!

  • YogaToes® guarantee a simple, one step natural program for common foot problems.
  • To relieve foot pain caused by tight shoes, being on your feet all day and participating in sport activities.

YogaToes® Help Improve & Prevent Common Foot Problems:

  • Foot problems like: Hammertoes, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Crossed Toes, Poor Circulation, can often be improved and avoided with YogaToes®.

Just one step for healthy, beautiful feet.

  • YogaToes® do all the work while you relax. All you do is put them on. A vacation for your feet!
  • Muscles are relaxed, circulation is increased. Walk away feeling like you just had a foot massage. Your feet feel and look better.
  • YogaToes® are fun, easy & simple to use! Leaves feet relaxed and refreshed.

How do YogaToes® work?

  • By spreading, stretching and exercising toes.
  • Help correct and realign foot structure.
  • Strengthen and stretch foot muscles.
  • Helps improve circulation and appearance.
  • Balance the entire body and stimulate, improve posture.

How can something so simple do so much?

The patented ergonomic design of YogaToes® works between, above and beneath toes to stretch them apart from each other, away from the ball of the foot and down from the top of the foot. To stimulate this effect, spread your fingers apart and out as far as you can. You can feel the muscles working and stretching. Tight, weak muscles become flexible and stronger. The posture of your foot can realign, and the muscles are strong enough to support improved posture. Stretching and working the muscles increases circulation. You know how good you feel after a workout or a massage. Now your feet can enjoy the same results! All you have to do is slip into a pair of YogaToes®.

Author: M. Denney
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:44
I wanted to tell you how much my YogaToes have helped my Achilles Tendons....In two days I started being able to tell a difference...Now the only thing that bothers me is a tenderness in my left heal from calcium deposits....The swelling that had been there for 3 years is almost completely gone....I couldn't believe that they would work so well. My cousin told me about them..Her husband had bunions & other foot problems & could hardly walk, he was ready to give in & have surgery...Like me orthotics hadn't helped him...Now he is pain free...I may never make that, but its so much better I'm sold & will tell people I know about them.
Author: Mary Moore
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:44
Having battled arthritic and circulatory problems for several years now, finally I have found a product that helps. Yoga Toes are giving me comfort and relief, and even my spirits are better!
Author: Stephanie
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:43
Just wanted to say that, now that I have my YogaToes, I've no idea how I ever lived without them. Using them after long runs helps my feet and legs recover so much faster -- not only am I usually able to put in another hard run the next day, my times are faster because my legs feel fresher. I use YogaToes to great effect after long days in high heels, of course, but I think it's even more interesting that I've been seeing such a huge difference in my running as a result. Thank you!
Author: Andre Bell
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:43
Yoga Toes have truly augmented my active lifestyle. For years, since running high school track, I suffered from having flat feet. The pain I experienced in my feet after practice and events was growing to be intolerable. In 2001 I began to use Yoga Toes to increase the level of flexibility and healthy circulation in my feet. By doing so, accompanied with several exercises Yoga Pro gave me to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of my feet, I no longer needed to wear arch supporting shoe inserts. For me, wearing inserts had been an everyday thing. Now? My feet are strong enough to support their arches. Yoga Pro truly helped me.
Author: Leia Hamlyn
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:43
I wanted you to know how very happy I am with my wonderful new YogaToes! As a dancer, YogaToes really help my feet after pointe class and regular technique class. I had surgery on my feet years ago to remove bunions, and now more than ever it is essential to take extra precautions to keep my feet strong and healthy. YogaToes do just that! They relax the muscles in my feet and help the toes return to proper alignment. I have been highly recommending YogaToes to my fellow dancers and to my ballet students.

I cannot say enough about your superior quality of customer service! I am so grateful that you offer and back your lifetime guarantee. The size of YogaToes I purchased in the past from a dance catalog was way too large for my foot and because of that, did not work well for me. I contacted the YogaToes company and they offered to exchange the pair I had for the smaller size. I received my new pair in under a week and returned the medium pair with a free mailing label they provided. What a difference! The new pair of YogaToes is absolutely AMAZING! The proper fit has made all the difference.

I also very pleased that this wonderful product is made in the USA!

Aubrey, it has been a pleasure working with you on this exchange issue. I have been so impressed your professionalism and with your commitment to outstanding customer service.

Thank you very much for everything you have done. This has truly been a blessing to me.
Author: Unknown
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:42
Having had this since January 1st, 2008, yes I've had them for that long. Somehow I convinced myself they were misplaced and simply forgot about them as life happened. I got pregnant and one day got in the nesting mode. I found them! As a first time mom, putting on my YogaToes gave me a reason to be "lazy" or giving myself time to stop and rest. I come out feeling good and ready to go again. It's been becoming a ritual for me once again. I've had them on my nightstand waiting to be used nightly. Whatever I can do to give myself 20 minutes of peace, quiet, and sanity.
Author: Jane K.
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:41
YogaToes are so great to use when your feet feel achy and you need a good stretch. As a dancer, my yoga toes are everything to me. I love using them after a long dance day. I even put them on after I wear heels at night! I highly recommend a pair of these for everyone!
Author: Megan Bjorkman
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:40
I have wanted to buy yogatoes for about 4 years, it took me a while to convince myself to spend nearly $50 on a product like that. Especially because I am hard on products and live on a college budget. But I really really wanted them, so this summer I found a pair in a local natural food store and purchased them. I loved them and wore them all the time. They truly changed my feet, and were extremely beneficial especially because I am going through yoga training. They undoubtedly helped by balance and alignment. And then…. I got a puppy; everyone knows that puppies love to chew….EVERYTHING. So one day somehow my pup got a hold of them, chewed on them for possibly hours. Once I walked onto the scene I ran for my yogatoes believing they were destroyed. Miraculously not one bite mark. Leo(my puppy) has unfortunately gotten a hold of them on two other occasions, still not a single bite mark. They are like new. I have never written a review for a product, but I have never been so impressed the with quality of a product. If my puppy can chew on something like this and not even bite through them what could destroy them? Amazing product, perfect quality. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Author: Kristine
Date added: 11/19/2010, 00:40
I purchased a pair of the Yoga Toes several years ago. I have ballet feet and wear heels daily. The Yoga Toes after just a few days of use, made my weary feet feel good. I now use them daily. My only regret is that now they are offered in other colors. I may have to buy another pair.

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