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Power Systems Premium Versa Tube

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CODE: PS84001

Price: $10.95

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Premium Versa Tube, resistance tubing is one of the most affordable training tools available and effectively provides both upper and lower body workouts for just about anyone. Unlike conventional equipment, latex resistance tubes allow exercisers to work in multiple planes of movement during each exercise.

The elastic properties of the tubing gives you varying levels of intensity, and every exercise provides a full range of motion. Whether your workouts involve group exercise at the club or in-home personal training, fitness tubing and bands come in a multitude of sizes, forms, and resistance levels to match most abilities. Nothing can beat them for convenience and portability.

Thick padded grips on our original Premium Versa-Tubes offer a more comfortable hold and a better grip-especially when hands get sweaty. Nylon handles with premium padded grips. 48"

Each resistance level can be compared to the following estimated weight:

Extra Light - 8 lbs
Light - 13 lbs
Medium - 18 lbs
Heavy - 23 lbs
Extra Heavy - 28 lbs
Ultra Heavy - 35 lbs

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