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Shel, who grew up in a household where eco-consciousness was a way of life also studied art, fashion and photography and dreamed of a way to marry the elements of art and environmental awareness together.
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SpaRitual Nail Lacquer
SpaRitual Nail Lacquer (click on image for color options)

CODE: SRNailColors

Price: $12.00


SpaRitual Topcoat
SpaRitual Topcoat Nail Lacquer

CODE: SR80473

Price: $12.00


SpaRitual Lacquer Lock® Basecoat

CODE: SR82100

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Multi-Tasker® Topcoat

CODE: SR82110

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Tout de Suite® Topcoat

CODE: SR82125

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Farewell®

CODE: SR82140

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Cuti-Clean® Cuticle Care

CODE: SR82145

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail®

CODE: SR82155

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Fluent Extra Strength Conditioning Lacquer Remover

CODE: SR82500-82501

Price: $6.00


SpaRitual Nail Lacquer Thinner

CODE: SR82505

Price: $6.00


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