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  HOMMAGE Luxury Men's Grooming Collection

Hommage Grooming for Men

Woflgang Joensson is the leading designer and co-founder for the Paris, France based Hommage. When he started Hommage, there were no grooming products or services that catered to the contemporary lifestyle of the discerning man. By lifestyle, "I mean everything from business travel, to gym regimens, to leisure. We believe strongly that men, especially ones with discerning tastes, gravitate towards products with good design, appealing packaging, and functionality that fit their lifestyle."

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HOMMAGE Shave Set Monaco
HOMMAGE Shave Set Monaco

CODE: HM2234

Price: $800.00


Hommage Chicago Shave Set
HOMMAGE Shave Set Chicago

CODE: HM2242

Price: $450.00


HOMMAGE Shave Set Shanghai

CODE: HM2243

Price: $450.00


HOMMAGE Shave Set Stockholm

CODE: HM2241

Price: $450.00


HOMMAGE Shave Set Santiago Leather

CODE: HM2220

Price: $600.00


HOMMAGE Razor Monaco

CODE: HM2232

Price: $250.00


HOMMAGE Razor Madrid

CODE: HM2240

Price: $200.00


HOMMAGE Razor Manhattan

CODE: HM2252

Price: $150.00


HOMMAGE Razor Verona
HOMMAGE Razor Verona

CODE: HM2251

Price: $200.00


HOMMAGE Shave Set Verona (Travel)

CODE: HM2236

Price: $300.00


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