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Fitterfirst Balance Board Kit with Stand

Fitterfirst Wobble Board Kit

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Price: $349.95

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Fitterfirst Pro Balance Board Kit with Stand


A savings of $40 compared to buying the items separately


Better Balance, Faster Rehabilitation and Improved Sports Performance. Regardless of your age or ability, daily use of a balance board or wobble board is an asset to your fitness, health and well-being.

You will experience:

  • Improved balance & coordination
  • Heightened sense of body awareness
  • Increased core strength & stability

Personal trainers and physical therapists from around the world recommend Fitterfirst balance training fitness equipment and rehabilitation aids. Everyone from professional athletes to desk jockeys to seniors can improve physical fitness and overall health by engaging in balance, agility and mobility training.

Our Professional series wobble boards are made of a durable 3/4" Baltic Birch and feature our patented Tri-Level adjustment system, which allows for a quick and easy change to any of the three difficulty levels. Simply spin the sphere and select which setting suits your balance ability and in seconds you can be working towards better S.A.M. (Stability, Agility, and Mobility).

Try our balance boards for daily balance maintenance at the office, while talking on the phone, or while watching television.

The 16" Balance Board is the most challenging and has the greatest angles.

The 20" BalanceBoard is less challenging than the 16" board, but can still be a good challenge.

The 20" Rocker Board is more of a beginner board that only allows 1 plane of motion.

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Fitterfirst Soft Board - Rocker Board


Price : $119.95

A large deck with a long center roller creates a single plane and floating sensation for the user. Suited best for general rehab and moderate level balance training.

Fitterfirst Abdometer


Price : $109.95

The Abdometer is a groundbreaking core training device that will strengthen your core while monitoring your technique for up to 20 great exercises.

Fitterfirst Balance Aids


Price : $99.95

Fitterfirst Balance Aids are a popular item used to assist with balance for first time users, individuals in early rehabilitation, individuals with limited balance, and those who just need additional safety and support.

Fitterfirst Backnobber II


Price : $59.95

The Original Backnobber II helps ease muscle discomfort by allowing you to reach back postural muscles, thighs, and buttocks. Separates in half for easy storage or travel.

Fitterfirst Bongo Board


Price : $139.95

The Fitterfirst Bongo Board is a great training tool for surfers, boarders, and extreme sports enthusiasts. It's the fastest yet safest board ever! Improve body awareness, reaction, joint stability, balance, core stability, coordination, and maneuvering.

Fitterfirst BoarDRock


Price : $129.95

The Fitterfirst BoarDRock is a versatile tool for balance, fitness, and board sport practice. You can perform all your favorite skateboarding tricks year-round on flexing spheres instead or rolling wheels. Perfect for leg strength, joint stability, better balance, coordination and coordination.

Fitterfirst Combobble Board


Price : $99.95

The Fitterfirst Combobble Board's design results in many possible angles and challenges. Great for larger individuals who want more surface area and an advanced board.

Fitterfirst Combo Board


Price : $139.95

The Fitterfirst Combo Board has 5 interchangeable fulcrums to customize the level of difficulty. Velcro fasteners attach each piece. Suitable for all levels and in a clinic or home setting.

Fitterfirst Hard Ankle Board for Pro Fitter


Price : $79.95

The Hard Ankle Board 2 is an attachable accessory for the Pro Fitter - provides a more stable base for exercises.

Fitterfirst ProFitter Generation 2


Price : $709.95

Pro Fitter's unique design allows you to incorporate the strength, balance, and rhythmic weight transfer of skiing into your workout. Made with rocking base with fully independent flexing foot pads, and 6 instantly adjustable tension settings.

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