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Jane Hendley, Ajne

Jane began her love affair with pure and precious ingredients as a child near Chicago sniffing aromatic lilacs on warm summer evenings. Jane loved organic ingredients like lavender and cedar. Yet, she dreamed of creating formulas from far more powerful and precious organic ingredients that would produce transformative effects. Read More!
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Ajne Calme Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60CM-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne Passion Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60PA-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne Citron Régénérez Spray Parfum


Price: $100.00


Ajne Nouvel Amour Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60NA-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne Printemps Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60PR-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne Perfume
Ajne de Lavande Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60DL-015

Price: $125.00


Ajne Savoir Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60SV-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne Psyche Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60PS-015

Price: $195.00


Ajne Bloom Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60BN-015

Price: $135.00


Ajne OM Spray Parfum

CODE: PS60OM-015

Price: $125.00


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